Free Talabat alternative for Online Orders

PRO: Free Online Ordering System


πŸ˜– Talabat is a restaurant marketing app with a delivery service, the user opens the application and browses other restaurant menus on the same side as your menu, you don't have control over your branding, and marketing will lead users to their app and not necessarily to your menu.


πŸ₯° Safi offers you a free online menu that you can set up and leads your customers to your brand, You'll also have 100% control over the ordering process, and the customer is yours.



PRO: Point of Sale


πŸ˜– You can integrate Talabat with another point of sale system. However, that means having another monthly payment of the new subscription.



πŸ₯° Safi is all in one native system, Point of Sale where online orders come directly to your staff, all with full analytics reports and no commissions.



PRO: Save too MUCH money


πŸ˜– Talabat charges up to 30% of your orders and pays your customers more for delivery.


πŸ₯° Safi will save you this money, we don't take commission and the delivery fee is yours, Most of our features are FREE and you can go with it, our PRO plan will offer you a flat-rate price for all features and it is just 9.99 per month.



PRO: Facebook & Instagram Integration


πŸ˜– The reason why owners agree to give join platform is the showcased their to thousands of potential customers, but there is a high price for those customers called commission.



πŸ₯° Safi online menu can be fully integrated with Facebook and Instagram, which will lead potential customers to your market also you will save $$$ a lot of money on commissions.



PRO: Keep Customer information


πŸ˜– Other platforms may use your customer data to boost their business, NOT yours, which will lead your customer to other restaurants.


πŸ₯° With Safi, Your customer information will be saved on your hand, It can be exported later to your marketing platform to create intelligent audiences to drive your business.



CON: Talabt beats us on ...


πŸ₯° Talabat will take care of the marketing and ordering process, drivers, and payments, It will increase your business visibility for a percentage commission.


πŸ₯° With Safi, we do not offer drivers nor a payment processing solution, We believe that your customer should be yours and your hard work is Worth it saving 30% of your money to the platform.